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  Brigade Early Warning

Fire brigades use Bushfire Alert to get information about the fire out to their
local community at the early stage of a fire.
This gives people the best chance to implement their plans at the earliest possible time.

  Other Warnings

Fire authorities issue bushfire warnings when the fire has progressed to become a public threat,
at which time road closures are happening and sometimes too late to implement your bushfire action plan.

Bushfire Alert is quite different - it empowers communities and brigades to send and receive alerts at the early stage of the fire
using the telephone. Once alerted people can take action - while also listening for subsequent media releases
such as via the ABC radio. In this way the Bushfire Alert system complements the important work carried out by
fire authorities and the media.

  Brigade Phone Congestion

Communities using Bushfire Alert do not need to call the local fire brigade to find out about about the fire,
or to get updates, thereby eliminating the congestion that they previously experienced. Instead of answering
phone calls from the public, the brigade personnel are now freed up to carry out more important tasks
during emergencies.

  Don't have enough Pagers?

Many brigades don't have enough pagers for all their volunteers, and some volunteers prefer not to wear a pager
when they are already carrying a mobile phone. Most people have a mobile anyway, hence Bushfire Alert enables
these brigades to get messages to all their volunteers quickly and easily.

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