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  Bushfire Alert goes Global

Bushfire Alert can now provide a hosted alert service to communities around the globe by implementing the
Common Alerting Protocol (CAP).

Bushfire Alert has been highly successful in the Australian region, providing a much needed alerting service to rural communities, fire brigades and emergency organisations. Based on this success we can now provide the exact same service as a hosted solution to any country in the world.

A hosted solution means the system is remote from any danger, yet phone calls can still reach any part of the world.

By utilising CAP, an emergency alert authority or community, anywhere in the world, can initiate a telephone and SMS alert without the need to purchase or implement any alerting infrastructure locally.

Alert communities can be pre-configured with Bushfire Alert to allow telephone initiated alerts or by using CAP they can be completely dynamic, specifying the target phone numbers for each alert. This flexibility allows alert authorities to easily integrate the Bushfire Alert system with any local alerting system or process.

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