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Bushfire Alert.
Bushfire Alert is a complete system for distributing voice messages by landline and mobile phones and text by SMS and email to a large group of people very quickly.
Local communities use it alert their members of disasters such as bushfire, flood, cyclone, mountain road closure, tsunami and terrorism.
Brigades use it to muster their volunteers and to provide accurate information about the event and mustering location.
Getting information out to your neighbours at the early stage of the emergency provides potentially life saving critical time.
Local people providing local information has proven invaluable for fire groups who have migrated to this system as it saves valuable time during emergencies and reduces time consuming administration of peoples contact details.
The system has been instrumental in helping law enforcement and local communities in tracking and identifying serial arsonists.

Bushfire Alert has full national coverage.
International users can also subscribe or use our CAP interface, please enquire here.

Proven Technology
Bushfire Alert has been used succesfully in hundreds of emergencies over twelve fire seasons, operating on our highly resilient telco grade infrastructure.

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