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  Phones Reach More

Phone calls reach people when radio is not available.

Most of us can carry a mobile phone 24 hours a day, however it is very
difficult to be glued to a radio station all day and night throughout
the summer in case there is a bushfire announcement for your area.

IDC Research shows that the number of mobile phones passed 19.2 million
people in Australia during 2005 (see IDC report ) which is not
surprising when you try to think about who does 'not' have a mobile
these days.

Mobiles can be set to a silent mode so that the ring tones are not
audible while you are in a meeting.

Bushfire Alert also sends messages as SMS which is a store-and-forward
technology, meaning that should your mobile be out of range or turned
off at the time the message was sent then it will be stored by the
carrier and re-sent when your mobile comes back onto the network.

Of course if you can't access a mobile, Bushfire Alert also sends
alerts to your work phone and home phone - you simply set the
preferences that suit you best.

The idea of the Bushfire Alert service is to proactively send out
alerts, rather than having to continually check in to a website or
listen to a radio or similar. Once the alert has gone off it makes good
sense to then tune into the ABC Radio to listen for updates about the fire
while you implement the action as appropriate for your property and family.

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