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  Fire Alert

Property owners can now be informed quickly and efficiently

Prior to the Bushfire Alert service there was no way for property owners to
contact their neighbours quickly and efficiently in an emergency situation.

When a bushfire occurs the first instincts are to protect life and property
and help extinguish or prevent further spread of the fire. In an ideal world
you would also phone all your neighbours, however this would require looking
up and dialling each person and repeating the details about the fire to
every person you call. An impossible task during an emergency when valuable
time is better spent fighting the fire or evacuating. One call to the Bushfire Alert
service does the contacting work for you.

There are some circumstances where a fire is a minor local incident that
would not typically be reported to the 000. In these situations the Bushfire
Alert service enables you to get the message about the fire out to all your
neighbours quickly and efficiently so that working with your neighbours you
can collectively extinguish the fire.

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